• Location: London
  • Date Posted: 31st May, 2019
  • Reference: 33052019

Senior Solution Architect - London - 100K

Senior Solution Architect - London - 100K

We are currently seeking for candidates who have had industry experience with Big Data Technologies such as AWS/ Hive/ Spark/ Hadoop etc. and whose primary language of choice is either in Python/ R. The candidate doesn't necessarily have to already hold the title of a solution architect as a diverse shortlist of candidates is sought.

You will be working with a global company who centrally focus on Big Data and Analytics. The clientele you will be dealing with will range from Fintech development companies, financial services, e-Commerce businesses and 30% of your work will be on public sector greenfield projects. Since this global company operates in the world of Big Data and Analytics unlike a lot of their competitors who focus sporadically on many different operations and markets, they are in a position to offer the best Personal Development Package (PDP) on the market.

The PDP is a big part of the company's business model and is catered to fast career progression and skill expansion and is tailored to your personal aspirations. This is by far a position that will be of most appeal to the career driven and personal development hungry candidates. The body of potential from this position combined with a good pre-existing business acumen of the candidate will propel you to being an industry specialist. So much so that most candidates venture into the world of contracting after their experience with this company. Salary offerings are negotiable and dependent on your experience.

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