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Which are the best big data scientist certifications to do? 

There has been a growing interest of businesses utilising big data efficiently as part of their strategy. People are looking to obtain professional qualifications, specifically for big data scientist certifications.

IT professionals who have a background in data analytics, data mining, business intelligence or data management are generally the target audience for businesses that are looking to hire big data professionals.

According to Glassdoor, in the US, data scientists can often earn an average salary of around $113,000 and in the UK the average salary is £42,000 with the potential of up to £72,000.

Are data scientist certifications necessary?

Although it isn’t always necessary to have big data certifications or data science certifications to be qualified to do the job, it doesn’t hurt to have the certifications on your resume or CV.

There are a number of certifications that would benefit a career in big data and data science, and Churchill Frank has outlined the top certifications to consider in 2017.

Cloudera Certified Professional program (CCP)

One of the leading software services, Cloudera is based on Apache Hadoop, which accommodates a wide range of markets including government, University research, financial services, telecommunications and energy.

They currently offer a number of certifications depending on your speciality, but they all have benefits in a big data career:

  • CCP Data Engineer – A hands-on, practical exam using Cloudera technologies. Each candidate is given their own CDH cluster pre-loaded with Spark, Impala, Crunch, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Kafka, Flume, Kite, Hue, Oozie, DataFu and several others. The cluster also comes with Python, Perl, Elephant Bird, Cascading, Brickhouse, Hive Swarm, Scala, Scalding, IDEA, Sublime, Eclipse and Net Beans.
  • CCP Data Scientist – A certification designed for candidates to prove their abilities under real-world conditions by designing and developing a production-ready data science solution that is peer-evaluated for its accuracy, scalability, and robustness.

Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA)

  • CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer – The examination requires the candidate to solve a specific scenario. In some instances, a tool such as Impala or Hive may be used, and in others, coding is required. For Spark questions, a template is often provided that contains a skeleton of the solution, requesting the candidate to fill in the missing lines of functional code in either Scala or Python.
  • Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop – A certification for Apache Hadoop certification proves that you have demonstrated your technical knowledge, skills and ability to configure, deploy, maintain, and secure an Apache Hadoop cluster.

Each certification varies from one another, with some only requiring a user to sit one exam and some sitting a few exams. The fees are also different for each certification so it is important to consider this before going through the study materials and sitting the exam(s).

The Big Data market has a lot of potential for IT professionals as experts predict a major shortage of advanced analytics skills. Once qualified, it is a major recognition in the industry and would stand out amongst other candidates for job applications.

It is worth noting though that these certifications are valid for a certain number of years. Technology changes so often, it is important to always keep your qualifications up-to-date.

SAS Certified Data Scientist

The SAS data science certification program is designed for those who would like to develop the knowledge and skills needed to develop a career in data science, particularly if you have a strong mathematical background.

The data science certification program will ensure you gain skills in big data management, advanced analytics, machine learning, and data visualisation.

The certification involves a 12-week data science certification program curriculum that includes various different topics. It then requires sitting and passing 5 exams to earn the SAS Certified Data Scientists Credential.

If you already have SAS data science experience and knowledge, then you are able to skip the 12-week curriculum coursework and apply for the exams straight away.

However, it is important to consider the exam fees and locations when considering this data science certification.

MongoDB NoSQL Certification

A MongoDB NoSQL certification recognises developers and professionals who can create and process applications on MongoDB. This is a technology that is appropriate in managing large sets of loosely organised data (often in Big Data projects).

To become MongoDB certified, there are a few steps to go through first. You must either take an online course or attend an instructor-led training class. Then you need to complete both the public and private training afterwards.

MongoDB University offers an extensive study guide to prepare you for the exam. You can sign up to qualify for either the MongoDB Certified Developer, Associated Level or the MongoDB Certified DBA, Associate Level.

These certifications are all valuable if you’re seriously considering a career in big data or data science.

Depending on your circumstances, doing these certification courses require dedicated time and money. Unfortunately, not every person is able to do that.

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