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Manchester Metropolitan University has successfully collaborated with the Greater Manchester Police on a big data project to challenge crime and disorder in the city centre and the surrounding areas.

The project operated by the University’s Crime and Wellbeing Big Data Centre combines criminology with data analysis in a bid to help police officers improve overall efficiency and utilise resources more effectively.

More importantly, the overall aim and benefits of this project are to help Great Manchester Police shape its recruitment and training strategy. In return, they’ll be able to anticipate future demand and make improved decisions when deploying staff.

Israeli startup uses big data to treat diabetes

Big data has already begun to revolutionise the health sector, with the next positive advancement in the treatment of diabetes. Israeli tech startup, GlucoMe operates at the forefront of the industry with its aim to streamline the treatment of this disorder.

The GlucoMe platform provides users with a smart glucose monitor and insulin pen monitor to perform readings, which are then transferred via a mobile app to a cloud-based clinic for analysis, where care can be optimised for each patient.

The brainchild of Israeli entrepreneurs Dov Moran and Ben Aharon, GlucoMe was created to simplify the diabetes caregiving platform.

Big data boosts battle again Leukemia

It isn’t only the treatment of diabetes that has seen the positive impact of big data, and it’s the improved treatment of Leukaemia that is next on the list.

A new project funded by Bloodwise and the Scottish Cancer Foundation, LEUKomic is an online data portal used to harness CML gene expression data for analysis from specialised laboratories all over the world.

Each dataset stored on the system is manually checked as it requires detailed computational processing to extract gene expression data. Following this process, the data is consolidated by a bioinformatician to allow for intensive research on each dataset.

IOT key to fixing crumbling water infrastructure

Smart water devices and data analytics are fast becoming a new technique utilised by water companies that are looking to overcome the issue of poor water infrastructure in towns and cities.

The positive integration of analytical software and tools will allow for substantial cost savings and also halve the potential for non-revenue water leakages and billing mistakes.

Also set to reduce the energy consumption of water from 20% to 40%, which will have a positive impact the environment, leading publication Environmental Leader presents the strong facts regarding the use of smart water and the opportunities for the water industry.

Education migrates towards big data 

Suffolk University’s business school is to introduce a master of science in Business Analytics, as well as an MSBA program. As well as a new course for the university, the program will also serve as an avenue of a career change for STEM graduates looking to extend and apply their numerical and analytical skills.

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